My experience

Today, defining the concept of elegance isn’t simple. Elegance isn’t an unchanging concept, but one that evolves constantly as it adapts to socio-cultural and economic changes.

Contemporary elegance has undoubtedly lost rigour, with versatility gaining increasing consensus. Elegance for men is associated with a history of rules and style codes that while inflexible provide guarantees of good taste. Over the last decades elegance has moved in different directions – men have changed, as has attitude and the approach to daily life. Clothes not only have to enhance but also to define identity in an increasingly dynamic world.

However, Sergio believes contemporary elegance to be impossible without a grasp of the subtle thread of tradition: updating does not mean forgetting the lessons of the past. Not in the sense of a return to the classical but not fashion at all costs either. He believes elegance today to consist in a meaningful fusion between contemporary and traditional. Tradition is the result of culture, of which Italy has set the example the world over through the centuries.

Italian fashion, art, design, artisanship and food are rooted in an unparalleled and unsurpassable cultural heritage.