My lifestyle

Elegance is a universal value that does not only regard clothing – it is a lifestyle, the sum total of our decisions and the way we deal with them. While work plays a predominant role in man’s existence, I think it is equally important to cultivate a personal dimension where interests give form and value to leisure time, something that is becoming more and more precious.

I also believe it is essential to keep the will to laugh and never to lose one’s sense of humour, even when the going is tough. A powerful and precious gift, it resolves conflict, tempers relations and lets us and others live better.

With my receptive and sensitive nature, I seek beauty in every possible experience and aesthetic pleasure has always guided my decisions. I love to contemplate the shapes and colours of nature as well as the architecture of the past, fine examples of which Italy is certainly not lacking. Mantua, my hometown, surrounded by lakes and full of historical buildings and facades, offers every day examples of true splendour. I am passionate about design in all forms, from cars, to furnishings and objects; in short, everything that surrounds us and can be used and has the potential to provide a lesson in style. I put design on the same level as art: art represents a concept expressed through aesthetic genius, while design blends beauty and functionality.

We live in an age of hybridization, technology and well-being, and design is deeply influenced by this.

Inevitably, fashion has undergone the same changes – influenced by concepts of comfort, wellbeing, versatility and hybridization. This is easily visible in the ever-increasing dialogue between the world of outerwear and sportswear that has revolutionized the concept of clothing in general and formal wear in particular.

Style does not simply describe a look, sporty, elegant, alternative, or whatever else ... style is something more. It involves bearing, culture, personality, choice of detail. This is why I believe that elegance is objective, while style is inimitable and immediately recognizable, both in its presence and in its absence.

The origins of my personal style undoubtedly lie in traditional wear although it has evolved to meet the needs of today’s man, who has swapped the rigid rules of formal clothing for qualities such as comfort and versatility. Mine is definitely not an eccentric style, nor is it minimal. Simplicity, balance and a touch of glamour are essential elements of a contemporary elegance that I consider ideal— one that is able to enhance each individual style, which in its many variations will always be exclusive and precious.