My town: Mantua

Sergio Corneliani was born and brought up in Mantua, a small city in northern Italy that boasts an extraordinarily rich history. Ruled by the Gonzaga for over three centuries, the city during the Renaissance was a source of inspiration for the whole of Europe. The great Leon Battista Alberti, Andrea Mantegna and Giulio Romano lived and worked in Mantua, serving rulers known for their almost unparalleled quest for beauty. This beauty translated into the splendour of the city’s historic buildings and frescoes, at the time mirrors of dynastic power.

Growing up amid beauty was therefore for Sergio Corneliani a matter of destiny, further enhanced by an education that increased his awareness and sensitivity to culture in the broadest sense. Finally, the family business his father and his uncle founded in 1958, and conducted with huge success, gave Sergio a chance to express his aesthetic talent, becoming a clothes designer of note.

A synergy of elegance, beauty, culture and business enterprise thus provided the unique context in which Sergio Corneliani gained his experience.